Triaxial Weaving 

Double triaxial weaving

After thinking about building a triaxial weave dome out of metal, I wondered what could be done to reduce the instability of such fabrics - if the material used was flexible at the nodes.

It occurred to me that having a greater fraction of the fabric covered with triangles and quadrilaterals might help.

That idea led me to the following new fabric:

Double Triaxial Weaving

While this fabric does have a larger proportion of its surface covered by triangles and rhombi, the difference is relatively slight.

There are some substantial negative points - in particular, the hexagonal "holes" in the fabric are larger - and the longest distance individual struts have to span before reaching another strut is larger.

Nontheless, this appears to be a new weave, it is of a pretty basic and fundamental character - and may prove to have some applications.

Twin domes

Here are a couple of woven domes I constructed to illustrate the layout.

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