Octagonal Cell Dome Gallery 

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These are images of an octagonal cell geodesic sphere.

The geometry is the same as that used by Fuller - in his Yomiuri Inagamachi Golf Club Field House dome in Japan.

There's a picture of that dome here.

Another photo is here.

The structure is based around an octagonal unit cell.

There are a couple of points of merit about this construction:

  • One is that the resulting octagonal unit cells represent possible one of the most attractive targets for prefabricated design - in the universe of large domes.

  • The other is that the standard construction for turning an octagon into a tensegrity is relatively attractive when applied here.

Several variations are presented - the triangular layer can be on the inside or the outside, the tensegrity construction is illustrated and views from inside and outside are given.

Construction technique was similar to Eden-style domes - though starting with a high frequency icosahedron - rather than the dual of one.

Some associated .SPR model files can be found here.

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