Hexagonal Geodesic Domes

Tensegrity tetrahedron

Here are some efforts of mine to construct a "floating" tensegrity tetrahedron.

I tried to, in priority order:

  • Minimise number of struts;
  • Minimise number of cables;
  • Minimise cable lengths;
  • Minimise strut lengths;
  • Retain a stable structure;

Side view

Plan view

Close up

This model has four struts and sixteen cables.

Six cables are long, four are of medium length, and six are short.

It may be possible to eliminate some cables - if I relax the constraint which stops the struts from penetrating through the sides of the tetrahedron.

First attempt

Here's a prototype I built originally, with twelve cables. It was not a true floating tensegrity.

Attempts to scale it into one directly failed - since the struts insisted on touching one another.

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